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Message from the Head Teacher

    A Personal Message from Mrs Gargan,

Head Teacher at Byerley Park Primary School


We would like to extend a warm welcome to all new and returning visitors to our school’s website. Have you seen our ‘Hit Counter’? It’s AMAZING how many people visit our site! Clearly we are very popular… and for a reason!

If you are new to our website, please look on. We try to do all we can in a busy teaching week/month. We are not technological experts by any means, so please assist us in helping our website look better if you have any skills we could do with ‘borrowing’ !

At Byerley Park Primary School our shared vision is :

“To educate the whole child, meeting their needs now and for the future.

We aim to do this through excellent teaching and focused independent learning by motivating pupils and raising self-esteem.

Our School Aims to

  • maintain a learning environment which has a high expectation and success culture where children can achieve their potential
  • develop pupils’ self confidence and raise their self esteem so they will learn to work with independence and self discipline and be able to adapt to the changing world in which we live
  • provide a warm, friendly atmosphere where children gain respect and tolerance for others, contributing positively, not just to the school community, but to our wider community
  • develop lively, enquiring minds so children have the ability to communicate their findings and record results in a range of ways
  • be aware and take an interest in the world around them, in its wonder, beauty and conservation
  • promote & support the understanding of a Healthy Lifestyle

Our School Values

  • Co-operation and Friendship – showing tolerance of diversity and individual differences
  • Integrity – being honest, sincere, truthful and trustworthy
  • Respect – showing care and concern for other people and property
  • Responsibility – of individuals in their words, actions and relationships (Do the right thing)
  • Politeness and Consideration – of all people at all times
  • Excellence – in the achievement of individual and team goals (Do your very best)

To see just how busy our school is, take a look through the pages on our site. Our school is always buzzing with activity and the sounds of excitement and happiness. Each and every term is different and this term, like every term, is full of fun and adventure. Visits and visitors are well thought out to ensure pupils gain the most from them and staff continue to adapt our curriculum to make it exciting and challenging.  We want to make sure that we are equipping our pupils with a range of skills for life and that any changes we make to our curriculum are going to benefit our pupils. We encourage our pupils to learn through a ‘Topic’ or ‘Linked Learning’ approach and we hope this helps them make good connections with their learning. To see the areas your child will be studying this term, have a look at the Curriculum Information to parents, which is set up on each class page. You can also see the curriculum in its entirety for each year group on our website.You may get some good ideas of what has been happening through each class Gallery section too.

The Governors of our school are always seeking to ensure that what is asked of us is delivered. We are a very successful school, but the Governors continue to set an ambitious and forward looking agenda for us to work towards. Governors ensure that money is well spent and over the last few years, they have ensured that each and every class has additional funding to bring learning to life – through paying for visits and visitors. This is an exceptional move and one that is proving to be popular and exceptionally beneficial to pupils and their families.

Our school website is one of many ways in which we can communicate what we are doing at school. We provide regular Newsletters with information about what is happening. Again, these can be looked at via this website.  Please feel free to contact the school via letter, email or by phone at any time with any questions or worries you may have. If we do not know about a concern, we can do nothing to help!

Links to websites are being developed so that children have the opportunity to use them at home by directly linking to our school website. Have a look at these links if you want.

We try to update what we put up on our website, which is always a challenge in the busy lives of staff at school. Do contact us with any comments or questions that you may have, either by email, phone or letter.

Byerley Park Primary School is, as always …’Learning and Growing Together.’

Mrs Alison Gargan

Head Teacher