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Oh I do like to be beside the seaside….

Day 5. Home sweet home.

And then there were 10! Hatched at 7:11pm on Day 4

Day 4 – chick number 9 made an appearance at 2:10pm.


Day 4…what a busy day!

Day Three…meet Boo. Hatched today at 2:50pm

Day Two….still waiting for the first cracks to appear!

They’re Here! Day One

The Snow Patrol … Looking to help us open our doors again

A mighty team of volunteers took up the request for help clearing the school grounds of heaps of snow. Parents, Staff and pupils turned up to help and it was lovely to see how many people had gone out of their way to help. Pupils had been constructing an igloo and the Eskimo explorers had had enough of the cold and gone into school
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School Closed for a Second Day!

Due to the continued severity of the weather, we took the decision to shut Byerley Park on Wednesday 28th February and again on Thursday 1st March. This is not a decision that has been taken lightly. A great deal of consultation with staff, along with advice from the Met Office and Police about the requirement to only travel if necessary, has helped inform our
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