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Year 4

Message from class teacher

Welcome to Year 4 with  Mrs Plumb and Mrs Wilson.

Year 4 is a safe, fun and happy environment, where pupils grow in confidence and independence as they strive to achieve their full potential.

Facts about the teacher

    • Mrs Plumb loves singing and everything Disney.

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Throughout the year, Year 4 cover a range of work. Where possible links will be made with Literacy and Numeracy.

In the Autumn term we will be heading back in time, as we focus on the Anglo Saxons and Vikings during our Invaders and Settlers Topic. We will look at the Saxon way of life; investigating and exploring their homes, clothing, food, weapons and much more!  In Science we will be looking at living things and their habitats. We will use our DT lessons to create our very own Saxon village and in Geography we will uncover the mystery of Sutton Hoo.

Our Spring topic is the Tudors where we will be looking at King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth, and what it would have been like to live in the Tudor times. We will use a number of stories set in the Tudor times to help with our Literacy work, including the work of William Shakespeare. We will also look at the Roman numerals that were used by the Tudors as part of Numeracy.  In D&T we will be making and inventing some of our own Tudor food recipes and be creating a Tudor Dance piece, in our PE lessons. We will continue to work with Durham Music Service to work on our singing and Ukulele skills. 

Our Summer topic is the much loved children’s author David Walliams. We will be delving into a number of his books, and creating our own humorous stories, including an escape plan for Grandpa in Grandpa’s Great Escape! We will be inventing our own Billionaire making inventions, like the BumFresh toilet roll. In Geography we will be taking part in a political discussion with the heavily fragrant Mr Stink about community environmental problems and what can be done about them.

Term Curriculum


In our Maths lessons this  term we will be concentrating on the following topics:
    • Place value of 3 and 4 digit numbers
    • Add/Subtract power of 10 numbers smaller than 1000
    • Partitioning and column addition/subtraction
    • Mental subtraction by counting up/down
    • Mental addition by partitioning
    • Mentally add/subtract near multiples
    • Tell the time to the nearest minute
    • calculate time intervals on the 24 hour clock
    • Double and half 2/3 digit numbers
    • Grid multiplication
    • Division using the chunking method
    • Larger divisions with remainders


In our English lessons this term we will be concentrating on the following topics:
    • Fables – Read a range of fables (Rosen’s Aesop’s Fables) explore dialogue through drama, debate moral messages and write letters using extended sentences. Finally children write fables
    • Biographies – Discuss inventions. Imagine the future using Was it Better Now? Explore biography (Genius of Leonardo) study verbs, perfect form, adverbs; write an autobiography
    • Poetry on a theme – It’s Raining Cats and Dogs! Explore poems about dogs and cats. Investigate form and language and make comparisons. Write a poem from the point of view of a pet.
    • Fantasy – Read the hilarious How to Train Your Dragon, exploring plot, character, setting & style. Study pronouns, dialogue punctuation and adverbials. Write a new chapter


In our Science lessons this  term we will be concentrating on the following topics:


    • How sounds are made and how they travel?
    • How we can change the pitch of sound?
    • Can all animals hear sounds?
    • What is an echo?


    • How do circuits work?
    • How can you light a light bulb?
    • What type of materials conduct electricity?
    • How are electrical conductors and insulators used?



    Invaders and Settlers

    • Studying Invaders and Settlers in Britain, continuing to an in-depth study of the Vikings
    • Carry out a study of Sutton Hoo
    • Design and make Saxon houses
    • Research, design and make Viking Warrior shields and swords
    • explore Viking Gods and their role within history

    Religious Education

    • What do Christians believe about Jesus?
    • What is Lent?

 Trips and Events

Trips and Events
    • Every Wednesday am – Ukulele music lesson led by Durham Music Services
    • Every Friday pm – Outdoor and Adventure coaching (6 weeks) 
    • Wednesday pm – Team Up Kids programme (6 weeks)
    • Travelling theatre company, IMAGE to perform ‘The Selfish Giant’
    • 8th March – Trip to watch ‘Tom Gates’ at Darlington Hippodrome
    • 26th & 27th March – Parent’s evening




      • Tuesday – Reading books handed in and given out
      • Wednesday – Children will be given a short task to complete/discuss, in preparation for WOW writing on Thursday
      • Friday – spellings to learn and short piece of homework given, related to the week’s work.

    Things to remember

      • PE Kit –  Monday & Friday
      • Ukulele – Wednesday
      • Pocket Reader – signed and returned every Tuesday
      • Homework by:  Spellings – Friday, Topic activity – Tuesday, Times Tables – Friday