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Year 6

Message from class teacher

Welcome to the Year 6 Class with Mrs Pattison and Mrs Wimbury.  Mrs Pattison is the Deputy Head and teaches the class all week apart from Friday when Mr Gargan takes over. Mrs Wimbury is our Teaching Assistant. In Year 6 our work is split into three topics. In Autumn Term we learn all about World War 2, in Spring Term we study a Science related area, and in Summer Term we learn all about the Mayan Civilisation.

Facts about the teacher

    • Has two lovely children.
    • Loves Pilates
    • Likes Lipstick!

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Our work will link, as much as possible, to the topics we study during each term, so that the children can make stronger and more memorable links in their learning. In Year 6, we not only work very hard, but we also have lots of fun in the process!

Y6 Curriculum


In our Maths lessons this year we will be concentrating on the following topics:
    • Throughout the Autumn term, Y6 children will study place value, the four number operations, decimals, fractions and percentages, equations, statistics (frequency tables, bar charts, pie charts and line graphs), measurement (area and perimeter), Geometry (2 and 3-D shapes). Problem solving will run alongside all units of work to reinforce methods in real life situations.
    • During the Spring term, there will be work to prepare the children for SATs which will include all necessary areas.
    • During the Summer term, Y6 children will consolidate and build upon their mathematical knowledge and understanding, ensuring as smooth as possible transition from Primary to Secondary education. 


In our English lessons this year we will be concentrating on the following topics:
    • During the Autumn term, the class novel will be ‘Waiting for Anya’ by Michael Morpurgo, which links to the WW2 history topic. The children will study genre of texts, spoken language techniques, group discussion and interaction, understanding, interpreting,engaging with and responding to texts. In writing, they will use different narrative techniques to engage and entertain the reader, select words and language drawing on their knowledge of literacy features and formal and informal writing. They will organise texts coherently using paragraphs to achieve pace and emphasis. Sentence structure, grammar, spelling, handwriting and punctuation will also be studied. Non-fiction writing and reading will be diary writing, persuasion, recount, instructions and explanation. WOW writing will be every Thursday morning.

      During the Spring term, there will be work to prepare the children for SATs. There will be narrative reading and writing. The class novel will be Kensuke’s Kingom by Michael Morpurgo, which will be compared to ‘Waiting for Anya’. Non-fiction work will include explanation, argument and report reading and writing.

      In Literacy, during the Summer term, Y6 will enhance and extend their understanding of a variety of writing genres and secure their use of sophisticated punctuation styles. The majority of their Literacy work after SATs will be based on the theme of the Mayan civilization history topic.


During the Autumn term, most topics will link to the literacy novel, ‘Waiting for Anya’. The children will use textiles to record an event using fabric as a media. They will make a garden containing an Anderson Shelter. The children will study the mountain environment which also links to the literacy novel. Children will use the internet for research.

During the spring term,  the children will be preparing for SATs, however they will still have a  topic which will relate to change. They will observe changes of natural light (linking to science) and create a sectioned water colour painting relating to that. They will make lots of bread as part of our DT topic and eventually create their own recipe.

Throughout the summer term, our geography, DT, ICT and Art activities will be based around the Mayan civilization (a history based topic) and sport. The children will be painting a sporting hero as their subject, using Pop Art style.The children will also create a moving cam model to show a sporting hero and they will create a Mayan sculpture. In geography, they will locate and have place knowledge of Mayan cities. In Computing, the children will create a presentation relating to a sports person they admire. They will also use digital imagery. It will also involve programming, involving ‘Scratch’, modelling and simulations, involving spreadsheets, and they will film a Keep Fit workout.




 Trips and Events

Trips and Events:
  • 12th September – 19th December every Wednesday morning: Leadership Programme
  • 26th September: Visit to Eden Camp. Please note we will be leaving school at 8:30 am and arriving back at around 4:10pm.
  • 3rd October: Skipping Day
  • 15th – 19th October: Safety Week
  • 15th October: Visit from Greenfield Y7 Ambassadors
  • 9th November: KS2 Remembrance Service 9:30am
  • 16th November: Children in Need
  • 20th November: Safer Futures Live 9:45am – 2:00pm
  • 11th December: Christmas Jumper Day
  • 17th December: KS2 Carol Service 9:30am and 2:15pm
  • 18th December: Theatre Production in school
  • 20th December: Y5 and 6 Christmas Party
  • 9th January – 13th February: DC Junior Education (every Wednesday 2:30pm – 3:30pm)
  • 16th January: KS2 Judo Taster morning
  • 27th February: Electricity at Locomotion
  • 4th April: KS2 Talent Show
  • 13th May – 16th May: KS2 SATs Week
  • 20th May – 24th May: Sports Week
  • 22nd May: Sports Day
  • 25th June: Primary Olympics at Sedgefield Community College
  • 1st July – 5th July: France Week
  • 10th July: KS2 Performance 2:15pm
  • 11th July: KS2 Performance 9:30am
  • 18th July: Y6 Leavers’ Service 2:30pm

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    • Reading – Please try to hear your child read three times a week and record in their Reading Record Book.
    • Wednesday – Children will be given a short task to complete, in preparation for WOW writing on Thursday.
    • Spellings, Reading and Numeracy homework will be given to pupils on Monday to be handed in the following Monday.


Things to remember

    • PE Kit – Ensure your child’s PE kit is in school every day.
    • Return homework on a Monday.