The New Term

Welcome back to all our pupils and a warm welcome to our new Year Reception class. Staff have been busy preparing all sorts of lovely things for us to learn this year. Be prepared to work hard, try your very best and enjoy life in school! Mrs Gargan

100% Attendance.

Mrs Gargan is a very proud Head Teacher as we end this academic year. One of our pupils, Ben Maxfield has achieved 100% attendance for this term. Not only this term but for the whole year. But even more of a fantastic achievement for him is 100% attendance for the whole of his time at Byerley Park. Ben has not missed a day for
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Year 3 Stars

Year 3 have been feeling rather proud this week. We have got two stars in our class both for different reasons. Brooke on the left used the letter she composed during big writing to try and make a difference. She wrote about saving the Borneo Pygmy Elephant. Brooke sent a copy of the letter to 10 Downing Street to ask the prime minister to
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Byerley Coin Trail

Well done to our wonderful PTA. After collecting coins from each class they set about making them into a picture with the children’s help. The money raised will go towards transport costs for future school trips. They managed to accumulate a fantastic total of £156.21. Well done PTA and children.

Year 3 Show Tennis Skills

Year 3 serve up a fantastic performance in tennis. 8 members of our Year 3 class have recently taken part in a tennis competition organised by the SSP at the Newton Aycliffe leisure centre.  After a fantastic performance up against some great teams they finally emerged in third place. A fantastic effort by them all and a credit to the school. Well Done!

Byerley Has Got Talent!

These are the winners of our annual Byerley’s Got Talent contest. Well done to them all and of course well done to everyone who entered this year. Another year of fantastic talent so some tough decisions had to be made by the judges.

Year 6 work with Star radio.

Star Radio This is the result of the work Year 6 completed during media week with Star radio. Please have a listen and enjoy what the children have produced. Click on the Star Radio link to have a listen.

Red Nose Day

Byerley Park celebrated Red Nose Day in style. All the children looked fabulous in a variety of red clothing and accessories. They all donated £1 or more to come to school dressed in red. We may have raised a good amount of money for a great cause. So thanks to everyone involved.

Busy Term Ahead!

Have a look at the Events/Trips section within each class section of the website to see some of the activities the pupils will have the opportunity to take part in this term. I would love to be a pupil at Byerley Park! Mrs Gargan

Winter Weather

Please ensure your child is suitably dressed for the weather conditions that we can expect in January and February! Names on all items of clothing is essential if we have half a chance of returning items to their owner!