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Our Trip to Beamish – Year 1

On Wednesday, 28th January Year 1 went on a school trip to Beamish. This trip is following on from work we have been doing about houses and homes from the past.

All of the children made a fantastic effort getting dressed up in Victorian clothing and even the adults joined in the fun of getting dressed up!

We were booked in for two workshops. One of these took place in the Pitt Cottages. Once inside the children were ushered through into the ‘posh’ back room and were told that they were here to help tidy up the cottages ready for visitors. Tasks included making the bed using numerous sheets and blankets, setting the table, polishing, scrubbing pots and pans, ironing, washing, sweeping and cleaning the carpets.

The second workshop took place at Pockerley Old Hall. Our class was split up into three groups. We learnt how to make lavender bags. These were used to keep people from smelling as the children were told that in Victorian times people had a bath once a year! We were shown how to make candles from animal fat. We learnt that these were very smelly and expensive! Each candle would only last 1 hour too. Our last task at Pockerley Old Hall saw us making ginger and oat biscuits. These would only be for the owners of the Hall as ginger was an expensive imported ingredient.

All of the children really enjoyed themselves and saw a different side to Beamish through the workshops. They were all looking forward to writing about their trip during WOW Writing the following day, almost as much as eating their ginger biscuits! A selection of photographs can be found in the Year 1 Gallery.

Mrs Reed

Keep trying and smiling!


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