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PTA Coin Trail

Some of the children with the finished work.

Our wonderful PTA have done it again. They came up with a fabulous idea to raise money for one of their charities, the NSPCC. They decided to have a coin trail to raise some funds. The children were asked to bring in copper, 1p’s and 2p’s and keep them in a class jar. On Friday 22/6/2012 the PTA collected all the jars and with the help of the children they laid them out in the school hall. Mrs Slee and Mrs Turton had drawn the Olympic rings and the name of our school on a tarpaulin and the children filled the gaps in with coins. As you can see from the photo it was a great success. Not only was it fun but they raised £278.18 for the NSPCC a great sum. Well done to the PTA and children.


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