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PTA & Friends of Byerley Park

Welcome to the Friends of Byerley Park section of the school website. We are a small team of parents who do a great deal raising money to support events and activities in school. In recent years, we have made it possible for markings to be painted on the yard, we have bought benches for the children, we support the cost of school trips and we give pupils a gift at Christmas. We paid to have some artwork put up outside to show how diverse we are – look out for this on our external walls. Our most recent donation supported the work of the school in offering trees for shade in the Summer months, promoting the school as a sun smart school.

We are always looking for new volunteers to help bring fresh ideas to the group to assist us in raising important funds for the school. It doesn’t involve a lot of time. If you are interested in becoming part of the team, please contact the school.For more information click on this link to see our hand book.PTA handbook

You can also check out our Friends of Byerley Park Group on Facebook.

Byerley Park Primary School: PTA & Friends of Byerley Park
Role  Name
PTA – Committee Members Mrs D Turton-Chair
PTA – Committee Members Mrs K Wimbury-Secretary
PTA – Committee Members Mrs J Lumley-Treasurer
PTA – Committee Members Mrs M Hannan
PTA – Committee Members Mrs J Temple
PTA – Committee Members Mrs C Trimmer
Staff Members Mrs A Gargan
Staff Members Mrs A Watts
Staff Members Mr S Mc Alorum
Staff Members Mrs C Reed
Staff Members Mrs R Pattison
Staff Members Mrs D Bowes
Staff Members Mrs L Plumb
Staff Members Mrs S Hill