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Ten Top Tips to help Your Child Read!

Ten Top Tips to help Your Child Read!

As parents you are your child’s most influential teacher with a tremendously important part to play in helping them learn to read. Here are some useful tips, suggestions and websites to help support and encourage them and make this a positive and rewarding experience for both parent and child.

  1. Choose a quiet time – set aside a regular quiet to time to share their home readingbook. Ten to 15 minutes is usually long enough.
  2. Make reading enjoyable – sit with your child and encourage them positively and reward good reading behaviour. Try not to pressure them or become frustrated.
  3. Maintain the flow – if you child mispronounces a word, try not to interrupt immediately – allow time for self correction. It is better to tell a child unknown words to maintain the flow rather than build it all up from scratch. Remember touse the ‘sounds of the letter’ rather than the ‘name of the letter/alphabet sound’.
  4. Be positive – encourage and praise when their reading is accurate and when theymis-read a word or make an error use words like ‘almost’, ‘nearly right’ or ‘shallwe read it together’ rather than ‘no’.
  5. Success is the key – be careful when choosing books to read together. Too hard abook can dent confidence and children can often become reluctant readers.
  6. Visit the library – go to the library regularly. Children can borrow many books at any one time.
  7. Regular practise – ‘little and often’ is an excellent approach to successful andconfident readers.
  8. Communicate – use the school reading diary to record comments and successes inreading. This is a valuable and vital link between home and school and demonstrates to your child how you value reading.
  9. Talk about the books – discuss the pictures, characters, events and actions in a story. By discussing what has happened you can gauge their understanding of thetext and help to enhance their comprehension skills.
  10. Variety is the spice of life – from fiction to non fiction, comics to road signs, newspapers to magazines any reading is good reading.


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