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Reception Class

Message from class teacher

Welcome to Reception Class. We hope your child will enjoy their year with us – learning and becoming independent in a fun and challenging way.

Facts about Mrs Bowes

    • Has a goat called Valerie
    • Likes going horse riding
    • Enjoys going camping with her family


    Facts about Mrs Aisbitt

      • Enjoys her caravan
      • Is really good at cooking
      • Likes walking

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    In Reception class we aim to provide a wide variety of worthwhile and meaningful experiences, which will give your child firm foundations on which to build their future education.  We provide a stimulating environment to make learning enjoyable and interesting.

    Term Curriculum


    This term we will be concentrating on the following topics:
        • Counting reliably with numbers from one to 20
        • Placing numbers 1-20 in order
        • Saying which number is one more or one less than a given number to 20
        • Using quantities and objects, add and subtract two single-digit numbers and count on or back to find the answer
        • Solving problems, including doubling, halving and sharing
        • Estimating a number of objects and checking quantities by counting up to 20.
        • Solving practical problems that involve combining groups of 2, 5 or 10, or sharing into equal groups.


    This term we will be concentrating on the following topics:
      • Reading, understanding and writing simple sentences
      • Using phonic knowledge to decode regular words and read and write them accurately 
      • Reading and writing some common irregular words
      • Talking to others about what we have read
      • Reading phonically regular words of more than one syllable. 
      • Learning different ways to work out tricky words. 
      • Describing the main events in the simple stories we have read.
      • Spelling the words we write carefully
      • Trying to write captions, sentences, stories, instructions and information. 


    Growth – During the Summer term we hope to make the most of the sunny weather and spend lots of our time outdoors exploring and investigating our environment. We will be learning about the growth of plants and will be basing our learning on fiction and non -fiction books and poems such as Jack and the Beanstalk, The Tiny Seed, Jasper’s Beanstalk, A Seed in Need and Billy’s Sunflower. In Science we will be looking at similarities and differences in relation to plants and the growth of plants, and will be talking about the features of our local environment. We will be making observations of plants and explain why some things occur, and talk about changes.

    Travelling and Transport – In the second half of the Summer term we will be learning about different types of transport, and will compare journeys and transport now with journeys in the past. We will make collages and drawings of vehicles and will make moving vehicles out of ‘junk’. Our role play areas will be transformed into a rocket and pirate ship, and we will be going on lots of exciting adventures! We will use our water areas to investigate, and make predictions about objects that float and sink, and will use this information to help us create the perfect boat for Mr Gumpy! In the small world and construction areas we will be exploring ways to make vehicles travel faster and exploring headlights and reflective materials in our dark den. We will also be thinking about our journey into year one, and will spend some time travelling into our new classroom to help us to become familiar with the new environment and routines.

     Trips and Events

    Trips and Events

      Monday 16th April    Return to school after the Easter holiday

      Tuesday 17th April    Lots of fun for the whole school with a Hoopstarz hula hooping                                              workshop 

      Wednesday 25th April     Reception multiskills event at Newton Aycliffe Leisure centre

      Wednesday 16th May     Year One and Reception to visit Beamish

      Monday 21st May – Friday 25th May       Whole school sports week

      Wednesday 23rd May     Sports Day

      School finishes at 3.15pm on Friday 25th May for half term. Children return to school at 9am on Monday 4th June.

      Wednesday 18th July    Parents’ Evening 






    Things to remember

      Please could parents ensure that their child always has appropriate outdoor clothing for the weather conditions, as we will be outside for periods of time.

      • PE –  Tuesday and Thursday (please ensure ear-rings are removed on these days)
      • Word boxes –  Please practise with a grown-up every day, recognising and saying each word.
      • Reading books – Practise with a grown-up. Please write in the reading record book to let school know how your child has managed and return to school the next day.
      • Letter and Number Formations –  Given each week to reinforce work we have completed at school. Please practise using a pencil and return to school.
      • Home Diary – On Wednesday we will send home information about what we have been learning at school. This book also contains topic related homework ideas, it will be really beneficial to complete one, or more of the suggested activities. We love to look at all the great things children get up to at home.