Byerley Park Primary School

Aims, Vision & Values

Our School Aims

  • maintain a learning environment which has a high expectation and success culture where children can achieve their potential

  • develop pupils’ self confidence and raise their self esteem so they will learn to work with independence and self discipline and be able to adapt to the changing world in which we live

  • provide a warm, friendly atmosphere where children gain respect and tolerance for others, contributing positively, not just to the school community, but to our wider community

  • develop lively, enquiring minds so children have the ability to communicate their findings and record results in a range of ways

  • be aware and take an interest in the world around them, in its wonder, beauty and conservation

  • promote & support the understanding of a Healthy Lifestyle

Our School Vision

At Byerley Park Primary School our shared vision is :

“To educate the whole child, meeting their needs now and for the future.

We aim to do this through excellent teaching and focused independent learning by motivating pupils and raising self-esteem.

Our School Values

Byerley Beliefs
Rule Rights Responsibilities
The Respect Rule I have the right to be respected. I am responsible for respecting others.
The Learning Rule
I have the right to learn.
I am responsible for my own learning and for helping others.
The Safety Rule
I have the right to be safe and feel safe.
I am responsible for making safe choices and moving around school sensibly.

Greenfield Way, Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, DL5 7LE

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