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Year 1

Message from class teacher

 Welcome to our Year One class. Mrs Reed and Mrs Tyrell are the Year One teachers, with support from Mrs North. In Year One, we love challenges, working hard and playing hard too!

Facts about the teacher

    Mrs Reed

    • enjoys family time
    • likes all things dotty!

      Mrs Tyrell

      • enjoys taking her little boy on trips to the park
      •  reading!

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          Mrs Reed and Mrs Tyrell are the Year 1 Class Teachers and we have a full-time Teaching Assistant, Mrs North.

          Children in Year 1 take part in a mix of ‘hands on’ practical learning experiences and more formal experiences.

          Our topics are ‘All About Me’, ‘Where I Live’ and ‘Famous Folk’.

          Spring Term Curriculum


          In our Maths lessons this term we will be concentrating on the following topics:
            • Count reliably up to 20 objects
            • Count on and back in ones from any small number
            • Read and write numbers to at least 10
            • Know one more and one less than numbers to 20
            • Use +, – and  = signs
            • Know by heart addition doubles (1 + 1, 2 + 2 etc)
            • Recognise coins and find totals up to 10p
            • Name and describe familiar 2-D and 3-D shapes (square, cube etc)


          In our English lessons this term we will be concentrating on the following topics:

            Children will look at stories and rhymes with familiar settings or predictable patterns. They will read and follow instructions, write signs and make labels and lists.

            • Generate a list of rhyming words
            • Hear, read and write the middle sounds in simple words
            • Write simple words by hearing the sounds and writing the correct letter
            • Write captions and simple sentences
            • Recognise and start to use full-stops and capital letters
            • Continue to practise forming lower case letters correctly.



            All About Me: Body parts and the Five Senses

            Children will identify and locate parts of their body and that of animals. They will learn about the five senses and the corresponding sense organ. They will learn about changes within living memory. They will learn about artists who have drawn self-portraits and will create their own self-portraits using a variety of media.



              Monday – Reading book

              Tuesday – Short numeracy task and a group reading book

              Wednesday – Children will be given a short task to complete, in preparation for WOW writing on Thursday and a reading book

              Thursday – Short phonics activity (to begin preparing children for the phonics test in June 2017) and a reading book

              Friday – Reading book 

            Things to remember

              PE Kit – Monday and  Friday (no ear-rings please)

              Reading book – Every day

              Show and tell – Penshaw Monument table: Monday, In our Vision table: Tuesday, Durham Cathedral table: Wednesday, Angel of the North table: Thursday, Brick Train table: Friday


            What is happening


            February 1st – Individual and sibling photographs

            February 10th – Theatre Production of ‘The Jungle Book’

            February 13th – 17th – Themed Week ‘The Jungle Book’

            February 14th & 15th – Parents’ Evenings

            February 17th – Optional dress up day as a character from a classical book

            March 23rd – Alun Armstrong Football Centre

            April 5th  – PTA led Easter competition

            April 7th – Last day